Mattress Cleaning Testimonials London

We’re very proud of the mattress cleaning testimonials London that we have received, and we’re always asking our customers if they’d be willing to write some feedback for us so that we know that we’ve provided a positive experience with every one of our services. Here we present some of our most recent mattress cleaning reviews London.
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  • I’ve been using your service for three years now, always in the Autumn when custom falls off for a month. Your team always get the beds back to their best. I love wandering through the almost empty hostel just after they’ve finished to get the full effect of the fresh new smell.

  • I needed to remove a mysterious stain from my mattress before the landlady’s final inspection. I think it must have been wine – I suspect it was left over from the last tenant and I didn’t notice. It wasn’t on the inventory so I’m sure I would have ended up being charged for it if it wasn’t for your help! Many thanks!

  • We inherited a large amount of pretty elderly furniture recently. I was about to throw the mattresses out, but my husband insisted we try to get something for them. In their former state we couldn’t have given them away though… using your service we actually managed to net a little profit which we were well pleased with!

  • I really thought dry cleaning was just for suits… how wrong I was! Your guys soon showed me the error of my ways. It’s really quick, and obviously it’s dry so the beds are ready to go straight away! I’ll be using that again!

  • As hotel owners, we use your service regularly and have always been satisfied. Your cleaners allow us to inspect everything before they leave, so were there ever to be a problem, we know we’d catch it.

  • We got a great rate on the mattress cleaning [for our B&B] so I have no doubt that we will use you again.